The Icelandic Dream

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The Icelandic Dream (Icelandic: Íslenski draumurinn (About this soundpronunciation )) is a 2000 Icelandic film directed by Róbert Ingi Douglas.[1] The movie depicts the story about an average Icelander and his dream to maintain wealth and fame.

The Icelandic Dream
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Directed byRóbert Ingi Douglas
Written byRóbert Ingi Douglas
Produced byJón F. Thoroddsen
Júlíus Kemp
StarringÞórhallur Sverrisson
CinematographyJúlíus Kemp
Edited byRóbert Ingi Douglas
Music byJóhann Jóhannsson
Distributed bySamfilm
Release date
October 19, 2001 (USA)
Running time
90 min.


Þórhallur Sverrisson stars as "Tóti", a 29-year-old grade school graduate who tries to earn his living by importing Bulgarian cigarettes to Iceland. His 18-year-old girlfriend "Dagmar", played by Hafdís Huld, is trying to put up with him and his hobbies and soccer, while in high school (Menntaskóli). His best friend "Valli", a house painter and a longtime friend of Tóti speaks his mind throughout the movie, such as his thoughts on women and his patriotic ideas on Iceland, he is played by Jón Gnarr.



The movie was filmed in Reykjavík, Iceland. It was one of the three biggest box office movies in Iceland in the year 2000. The dialogue of the film was improvised. Þórhallur Sverrisson and Jón Gnarr performance in the film set new standard in Icelandic film and television acting. The director, Róbert Ingi Douglas, created a movie that was considerably admired for its portrayal of joy, sadness and laughter in a film about the common Icelandic man and his life.


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