Étoile sportive catalane

L'Étoile sportive catalane is a rugby union club based in France at Argelès-sur-Mer. It plays in Fédérale 2, the fourth level of French rugby union.

Étoile sportive catalane
Full nameStade Dijonnais Côte D'Or
LocationAvenue de la Libération
66700 Argelès-sur-Mer
Ground(s)Stade Gaston Pams (Capacity: 1500)
PresidentGérard Broc
Coach(es)Alain Teixidor
Cédric Berget
Jean-Laurent Cazes
League(s)Fédérale 2,
Team kit
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The clun was founded in 1912 as Union sportive argelésienne, in 1921, became Grenouille argelésienne, then Étoile sportive argelésienne, and in the 90's Étoile sportive catalane.

In the 60's the club played in regional championship and was promoted in third (Excellence) in 1968. Winning the title in 1970, was promoted in second division, returning in the third in 1976. In the 90's was promoted in group A2 and from there in 1996 arrived to play the eights of finals for the title of French Champion, losing against Toulose).

This could permit to the club to play in 1996-97 in first division, but the Board of the club refused, due economics difficulties.[1]


Famous playersEdit



  •   Laurent Gironella
  •   Romain Granal
  •   Yohann Stroniaz


  •   Eric Sanz
  •   Benjamin Jimenez
  •   Jerome Berget
  •   Jerome Martinez
  •   Alexis Evra
  •   Janik Aulet


  •   Jean-Marc Fiches
  •   Mehdi Ameur
  •   Benjamin Goze
  •   Christophe Nou
  •   Laurent Picheyre

Third Line

  •   Brice Barrere
  •   Vincent Roigt
  •   Jean-Batiste Pic
  •   Florent Ey
  •   Nicolas Crouilles

Number 8

  •   Christophe Moreno
  •   Samir Jnaoui


  •   Guillaume Pull
  •   Julien Vaquerin-Goze
  •   Gabriel Cremadeils
  •   Alexandre Schuster

Fly half

  •   Mathieu Palau
  •   Sylvain Jorquera
  •   Ed Barnes
  •   Nicolas Garcia


  •   Laurent Garcia
  •   Arnaud Barande
  •   Damien Villamania
  •   Benjamin Barcia


  •   Olivier Benassis
  •   Laurent Palau
  •   Vincent Sabardeil


  •   Tom Boyer
  •   Loic Marty
  •   Anthony Carrasco

Notes and referencesEdit

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