Çesk Zadeja

Çesk Zadeja (8 June 1927, Shkodër – 15 August 1997, Rome[1]) was an Albanian composer. A native of Shkodër, he studied in Moscow and did much to promote the arts in Tirana. He is known as "The Father of Albanian Music".[2]

Zadeja on a 2007 Albanian postage stamp.

He died in Rome, Italy on 15 August 1997.


  • Kenge, Albanian Piano Music, Vol. 1, Kirsten Johnson, piano, Guild GMCD 7257, which includes Zadeja's Four Pieces for Piano.
  • Rapsodi, Albanian Piano Music, Vol. 2, Kirsten Johnson, piano, Guild GMCD 7300, which includes Zadeja's Theme and Variations in E minor and Toccata.


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