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ÆON Group or AEON Group (イオングループ, Ion Gurūpu) is a group of retail and financial services companies based in Chiba, Japan, which is centered on ÆON Co., Ltd. It has sister companies in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, and also trades under the JUSCO name. It claims to be Japan's largest retail group in terms of sales,[1] but is actually ranked as the second largest Japanese retailer by sales, behind Seven & I Holdings (Seven-Eleven) in the Fortune Global 500 rankings, and 10th worldwide in the retail food and drug store category.[2]

In 2011 it reported revenue of 1.2 trillion yen for the preceding year.[3]

Fair tradeEdit

Aeon sells chocolate bearing the Fair Trade label under its Top Value brand.[4]

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