Álvaro Navarro Serra (Faura, 1973), simply known as Álvaro, is one of the main Valencian pilota professional players. He is one of the most reputed dauers due to his strong left hand and his professionality,[citation needed] and has got to be a member of the Valencian Pilota Squad. Now he is one of the stars of the ValNet company.

Álvaro, winner of the 2007 Individual

Álvaro began playing Galotxa variant, but he is mostly known by his Escala i corda career, where he is the absolute ruler, both in Circuit Bancaixa teams and in Trofeu Individual Bancaixa one-on-one matches.

On 2001 Álvaro led the Valencian Pilota Squad in the European Championship hold in the Netherlands, where the Valencians won the frontó and International game. He has also tripped to the Basque Country to play against renowned Basque pilotaris such as Agirre.

On October 9, 2005, Álvaro was awarded with the Golden Medal for Sports efforts by Francesc Camps, the president of the Generalitat Valenciana.

Trophies edit

Handball International Championships

  • Winner of the European Frontó and International game Championship, Netherlands 2001
  • Runner-up of Llargues, Netherlands 2001
  • Winner of the World Frontó, International game and Llargues Championship, Argentina 2002
  • Winner of the World Llargues Championship, Italy 2004
  • Runner-up of Frontó and International game, Italy 2004

References edit

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