'Ajde, kroči

"'Ajde, kroči" (Cyrillic: 'Ајде, крочи; "Come on, step in") is a song which was the Montenegrin entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. It was sung by Stevan Faddy and selected by televoting in the Montenegrin national final MontenegroSong 2007, where it received 4,749 votes.

Montenegro "'Ajde, kroči"
Stevan Faddy-'Ajde, kroci.jpg
Eurovision Song Contest 2007 entry
Slaven Knezović
Milan Perić (songwriter)
Finals performance
Semi-final result
Semi-final points
Entry chronology
"Zauvijek volim te" (2008) ►
Faddy performing at the Eurovision Song Contest

The song is composed by Slaven Knezović, composer of No Name's "Zauvijek moja" and the lyrics are written by Milan Perić, who also wrote the lyrics for previous songs that represented Yugoslavia in the Eurovision Song Contest ("Džuli" in 1983; "Ciao, amore" in 1984); as well as the Serbia and Montenegro entries ("Zauvijek moja" in 2005 and the disqualified entry "Moja ljubavi" in 2006). On March 12, 2007, the official video was released, filmed on many different locations such as Budva's old town, Ćatovića Mlini restaurant in Morinj, Ada Bojana.[1]

The entry was performed in the semifinals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 in Helsinki, Finland on May 10, 2007 at number 07, following Georgia's Sopho Khalvashi with "Visionary Dream" and preceding Switzerland's entrant DJ Bobo with "Vampires Are Alive". It failed to finish in the top 10 and therefore didn't qualify to the final on May 12, which means that Montenegro will have to enter the semi-final once more next year. It finished 22nd in the semi-final (along with Estonia), earning 33 points.

Track listingEdit

  • "'Ajde, kroči" (Eurovision version)
  • "'Ajde, kroči" (karaoke version)
  • "'Ajde, kroči" (instrumental version)