"Everything For the Country" Party

The "Everything for the Country" Party was a political party in Romania. Founded in 1993 by former members of the fascist Iron Guard, the party claimed to adhere to a "national-Christian" doctrine and styled itself as the successor to the interwar party of the same name.[3] It was banned in 2015.

"Everything For the Country" Party

Partidul "Totul Pentru Țară"
PresidentVirgil Totoescu
General SecretaryFlorin Dobrescu
Executive PresidentCătălin Maghiar
Founded30 January 1993 (1993-01-30) (As the "For the Fatherland" Party)
HeadquartersStr. Veseliei Nr.21
Sector 5
Membership (2014)5,000[2]
Clerical Fascism
Political positionFar right
ReligionRomanian Orthodox Christianity
SloganUnitate! Credință! Acțiune!
(Unity! Faith! Action!)
Partidul Totul Pentru Țară

ECP appeared as a feedback to the continuity and consolidation of the system structures before 1989, the development of the corrupt and immoral politicians, and the founders believing that the last have threatened the existence of the Romanian nation and the Romanian unitary national state, threatening the Romania with the isolation from the civilized world. Under these circumstances, the old fighters considered that the National Resistance should continue, but under the conditions and frameworks provided by the Rule of Law. PTT worships the legionnaires Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, Horia Sima or Radu Gyr, as it appears from the publication "Buciumul".


ECP relies on the national-Christian doctrine values, standing at the right of the Romanian political scene. The basic principles and values of the ECP are discipline, moral order, national and Christian values, and Rule of Law. From the ideological point of view, PPPs is against racism, chauvinism, totalitarianism and extremism of any kind.

The founders of ECP have repeatedly stated that this party is the only political force that legitimately pursues the spirit of the National Anticommunist Resistance.

Unlike the cuzist's ideology and same of the Legionary one, ECP has not formally adopted anti-Semitism as a social goal or practice.[4]


In the media around 2000, the PTT became the only party in Romania whose members built, exclusively by their own money and work, the central headquarter on a land donated by a member, who was the former political prisoner (Freedom, September 1999).


  • President: Virgil Totoescu (Suceava) - teacher, participant at the National Anticommunist Resistance, former political prisoner from 1948 to 1964. Responsible for the Moldova region.
  • Executive President: Cătălin Maghiar (Galați) - PhD Professor, degree in History.
  • Vice President (Bucharest Metropolitan Area): Corneliu Suliman (Bucharest) - participant at the National Anticommunist Resistance, former political prisoner, constructor, entrepreneur.
  • Vice-president (Transylvania-Banat area): C. Baciu - lawyer, economist, PhD in law.
  • Vice-president (South area): Răzvan A. (Bucharest) - engineer.
  • Secretary-General: Florin Dobrescu (Bucharest) - professor, degree in geography.

Prominent membersEdit

Another occasion when the PPP made visible is the membership of some well-known Romanian personalities such as:[5] Ion Gavrilă Ogoranu, the leader of the Anticommunist Armed Resistance in the Fagaras Mountains (vice president and then, the lifelong president of PPP ), the actor Ernest Maftei who was a political prisoner, Mircea Nicolau, president of the "Prof. George Manu " foundation- involved at the peak of Anti-Communist Resistance and political prisoner for 20 years, Nicolae Purcarea, popular artist (wooden sculptor), prof. PhD. Ion Brad (a biochemist known as the sea buckthorn father), Confessor Constantin Voicescu, a former political prisoner and one of the top of the University Square of 1990, Confessor Dumitru Balaşa, nicknamed the "Patriarch of Valcea", a famous historian of the Dacians period and etc.


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